Sunday, 10 April 2011


Sitting out in nature with skirts, hats and parasols like women from a Jane Austen book. Me studying for exams and the girls drawing the world around them. We all contemplated the future...'Mum pleeeeaaaaassssseeeee can we move to the seaside!' and I tried to explain the theory of evolution to my 8 year old using pink, polka dotted, exploding grass as an example. A  teacher I will never make. However, no TV, Internet or running around like maniacs.

I love sunny Sundays.

How did you spend your Sunday my lovelies?


stitches from wales said...

been sitting on the patio crocheting granny squares but it got too hot!!! Didn't even venture to the beach today with the dog as everyone and his brother will be down there in this weather

Terrie said...

Ha - yes my mum lives on the coast in Dorset and grumbles when the tourist season hits! We actually went to Wales last year and loved it. Such a beautiful part of the country!

**Anne** said...

What a gorgeous photo Terrie, the beautiful parasols, the colourful rugs, the sunshine and your gorgeous little girl immersed in her drawing. Such a beautiful scene.
I had a rest yesterday morning in bed. I was reading a thriller and just couldn't put it down. I set to work in the afternoon though vacuuming and washing floors, followed by some baking to fill the empty biccie tins.
School holidays here for Miss G. so no rushing around for a couple of weeks. BLISS.
Have a lovely week,
Anne xx

Ms C @ HappyElastic said...

Looks like a very comfortable place to lie in the sun! I was out all day at Wonderwool Wales

Terrie said...

Thanks Anne =] We spent the whole day out there - hopefully the first of many! It's the school holidays here too which means mornings here are also lovely!

Wonderwool Ms C? It sounds like absolute heaven!