Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Inspiration Board #2

All credit given here

With Spring in full force the world seems more colourful. People stash away their winter neutrals in favour for a splash of colour against their skin and nature parades itself in full blooming glory.The grass looks greener, the sky looks bluer, the trees are a mixture of pink/white blossom and tiny baby green leaves. The flowers stretch out their little petals to join in the carnival which is the turning of the year.. I LOVE it. Even after a fierce rain shower (which we were caught out in!) yesterday everything looked luscious and alive.

This rainbow inspiration works its way into my craft box too - I feel more comfortable using the  'all colours in' approach when they don't look so garish against the winter grey outside. Although some of them are still very garish......Macdonalds anyone?

I'm not sure that one will be making it into the final cut....or join. I am enjoying using up all those little pesky balls of stash that keep getting tangled.

I really want to use up what I already have for this project and not have to buy anymore yarn just yet (yes, I know that concept is like torture!) but I do seem to have a hell of a lot of blues/bluey greens. These are my favourite colours but I would like this project (see I refuse to call it a blanket!) to be a rainbow of colours and not an underwater oasis. So we shall see.

I do have to say a huge Thank You to Hazel at Quietly Stitching for emailing me a link for the continuous join as you go method. She saved my sanity!I just couldn't work it out how you would get all the way round without breaking off and joining again and it was driving me bonkers!

Right, I have children to entertain, housework to do and exams to (still!) study for.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Ruth @ The Butterfly Bush Diaries said...

Lovely, lovely colours going on there Terrie! The tutorial Hazel provided is also really useful too! :)

**Anne** said...

All those glorious colours Terrie, it's enough to take anyone out of the doldrums. :)
Happy hooky time and er study time.
Anne xx

Richard Rose said...

Those colours would brighten up any day. :)

Gillian said...

Oh such beautiful colours....lovely, lovely, lovely!!!