Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Ripple Inspiration

1. Rainbow ripple finished 05.12.11, 2. Ripple, 3. Ripple ♥, 4. Chevron Baby blanket, 5. Sweet Melody Ripple Blanket Completed 2, 6. Sofia's blanket, 7. Ripple in action, 8. Rainbow ripple blanket, 9. Bølgetæppe nr 2

As you are well aware, I do have a slight problem with startitus. The stash busting hex was the first crochet blanket I have actually finished - although I have started many others! I get inspired, I dig out the yarn, I concentrate furiously for a little while and then....something else inspires me and off I go.

However one thing that did keep me motivated through 5 months of hexing was Flickr and Pinterest. The more hex blankets I saw, the more I just wanted to have mine finished. And so I stayed at it. So now I am rippling ( I can't say that word without thinking of Chunk from the Goonies!) here are a few of my ripple favourites, taken from my pinterest board.

Enjoy! x

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The Girl said...

I spy with my little eye MY blanket!