Thursday, 19 August 2010

African Flowers and Sunshine on a rainy day

Ohhh I've had a lazy day today, the weather here has been terrible. Lot's of rain and very chilly. We (my three munchkins and I) spent the day watching films and having cuddles. Which was a lovely reprieve from the usual craziness. So whilst Nanny McPhee entertained my children, I attempted my very first African flower.

Not perfect and I really don't like the pale pink border but I enjoyed doing it and shall be making more. Of course my inspiration for even attempting an African flower comes from the likes of Min Inspiration, Elizabeth Cat and RettGrayson but I thought I'd add just a couple of my faves from Flickr (also you can see what mine is supposed to look like!). I'm not entirely sure of the 'etiquette' regarding featuring other peoples pictures in your blog so if your picture is here and you don't want it to be just let me know.

1. African flowers, 2. "African flower" bags, 3. Berry Boost Bag, 4. African flowers crochet hexagons, 5. African Flower Love, 6. POSSIBLE LAP BLANKET CHEAT!

...and lastly I just wanted to thank the ladies who left me lovely comments! What a scrummy feeling it is to open up blogger and see someone has taken the time to comment - it really brought sunshine to my rainy day! Thankies again.

Hope your Thursday's were drier than mine! xxx


**Anne** said...

I love your African flower, the pattern is so pretty. Your other crochet work is gorgeous too, very inspirational. Thank you for sharing your creatvity.


Anne :-)

**Anne** said...

Thank you for visiting me and leaving a comment. You made my day!! :-)

Anne xx

MiA said...

Hi Terrie!
Your african flower is beautiful! I think you made a really good choice of colours - some to match and one to break out. Great :)

Yes, the grannies are from my non-smoking-blanket... but as I did not succeed in quiting (shame on me) - it has now been redesigned and will problably end up as a cushion cover :))

Anonymous said...

Hello Terri! Your African flowers are so wonderful! I just have to do also some Flowers!
You have lovely blog! Wishes Teje

elaine said...

Lovely colours, they work so well together! xx