Monday, 6 February 2012

A Ripple Update

What diet?

The last week has been spent trying to keep warm. The kettle has been on constantly, making hot chocolate and tea, filling hot water bottles and then refilling. I've been piling blankets on to the kids beds and falling ever so slightly out of love with my skylight which not only lets out lots of heat, it drips condensation when it's cold.

Being splatted with big fat cold drips on the way to the loo in the morning and all blurry eyed is not fun.

However the 'Deep Freeze' as they call it, will not last forever and it does feel very homely being wrapped up and making that extra effort to make sure everyone is warm.

I am slightly peeved that we have to endure the cold without being rewarded with the snow though!

Snuggling up also means I have had plenty of time to ripple. I've just run out of the navy blue and I'm coming close with quite a few of the other colours so I thought it was time for an update.

This is my favourite blanket yet. It reminds me of the sea and it's very soothing to work on....... up mountains, down valley's all in soothing shades of blue and green. I likey very much. 

I hope you are all staying snug and warm if you're in the UK (or anywhere else cold!) and if you're not, enjoy! xxx


The Girl said...

I'm soothed just looking at it, so wish I was under a blanket right now, instead of at work. But I do have a hot water bottle with me - having to wear open topped shoes at the moment until my tattoos heal so my feetses are very cold because we've had about 4 inches of snow here. Got my feet on a hot water bottle to keep me warm - it's very effective!

Hazel said...

Very pretty colours in your blankie. You mean you haven't had any snow???? We've had tons but starting to melt now thankfully. Stay cosy and warm. x

Leah said...

Just as well you are making a blanket - it can keep you warm while you work on it! It's looking absolutely stunning - I adore the colours. Stay warm hon, have a lovely week.

Crochet with Raymond said...

loving your ripple terrie! it is just gorgeous, much more relaxing and peaceful than my insanely bring ripple in similar colours! It will look incredible when finished

Victoria said...

Gosh that hot chocolate looks delicious. Love the ripple colours. x

Louise said...

Love your ripple. The colours are really beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I just found some of you posts on Ravelry... you make beautiful things....just wondering why you don't be there anymore?

rental mobil said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Victoria said...

Great ripples and glorious hot chocolate. x