Monday, 31 March 2014

Two Years....

Two years.

Over two years in fact.

Where did the time go? I never really intended on my hiatus from blogging. I've always had my little haven snuggled up in the back of my mind. But life just took off on me I guess!

So ....over the past year I have...

Met some super amazing lovely friends.

Acquired a job.

Left said job.


Had fun.

Crocheted a little.

Worked out A LOT.

Lost a mahausive 6 stone.


Gained most of that 6 stone back ;)

Fell in love.

Somehow. Some way. After being told that I COULD NOT have any more. Fell pregnant.

It's not all been dancing under rainbows happy and stress free. But it has all been busy! And ever so slightly transformative.

One of the reasons I stopped blogging was due to the fact I really don't get that much time to crochet anymore. I now have four children and a Mr and a busy house to run! I remember when I started blogging I read somewhere that you should pick a subject and stick to it. I find that very hard, my brain flits from one thing to another all.the.time. So that coupled with the fact that my wips may take years to finish, I thought this blog was kind of redundant.


A little thought came to me whilst I was elbow deep in washing up. I started this blog as a 'sorta diary' more for myself than anyone else. Don't get me wrong, I love the blogging, crafting and mummy communities online. But I also enjoy writing, I enjoy sharing and I enjoy reading back on snippets of my life. For me.

I want to keep this little part of the internet. For me. So whether I write about crochet, or adventures in knitting, or walks, or mummy stuff, or (a huge deal for me at the moment) money saving, or cooking (trying to), or things I'm loving right now or...... You get the picture. I shall be breaking the only rule of blogging I ever remembered. I shall not stick to a subject. Although, perhaps I will. Its called life.


**Anne** said...

Well hello and welcome back Terrie. Your life certainly has been busy over the last 2 years or so. Your baby is gorgeous, those eyes are beautiful.
Anne xx

Terrie said...

Hi Anne! I was wondering if you were still about :) Yes very busy! And Thank You, she has her daddy's eyes! xx

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