Monday, 5 December 2011

A week of smiles...

  • Only 30 hex's to make and join before the border on the stash buster. 30 sounds a lot but I've been making these for months. 30 now seems like a doddle believe me.

  • Discovering Just Me. This girl is crafty and witty. A winning combination in my book.

  • Free kindle books. Now that it's dark before 5pm I'm stocking up on my reading material. The fact that I can get whole books for free never ceases to amaze me. And it makes my purse smile. 

  • Shreddies and warm milk. I know. Not sophisticated at all. But I live off this stuff when it's cold and love it. 

  • Pinterest. How can something so simple be so addictive? 

  • Coming to terms with the fact that there simply isn't enough money to have the kind of Christmas that we are used to here and being fine with it. Because Christmas isn't about the mountains of plastic tat that my children have become accustomed to is it?

  • Taking a break from both Facebook and the news and feeling better for it. I'm starting to wonder if I really need to be constantly updated on what the world is doing.

  • Stumbling upon PeonyAndParakeet on Etsy. I LOVE the texture and colour in her art. After Christmas I shall be treating myself to a wee postcard =]

Wishing you a cosy and festive week m'dears because it really isn't long until the big day now is it!



Nicole said...

Your blankets beautiful, it looks like it's glowing in the middle :-)

I know what you mean about the news (and facebook!) sometimes I just don't want to hear about all the doom and gloom :-)

**Anne** said...

Your blanket is gorgeous Terrie. I can understand how excited you must be at the prospect of reaching the finishing line.
Love you words about being in the moment. So true.
Anne xx

Hazel said...

Oh terrie your blanket is gorgeous! Thanks for the free kindle links. I always forget to look. Xx

The Girl said...

Ooh that's totally me on that list!

I'm am seething with jealousy about that blanket by the way, it's gorgeous. I haven't attempted hexagons yet in my crochet endeavours.

Think I might be getting a Kindle for Christmas so very excited to hear about free books!

Marida said...