Sunday, 27 November 2011

Out and About...

I love Heathers 'On my camera' posts and I hope she won't mind if I steal her idea! There are so many things that I would like to share but don't warrant a big post individually. So here are a few snippets of my month in picture form.....

 I love old style phone boxes and Bournemouth has them everywhere. 

The carousel is in town! I loved these as a kid but haven't been on this one. My daughter has though!

I LOVE Bournemouth's beach huts. They start off as yellow and go all the way through the rainbow. 

One day I will get a camera that will allow me to nail this kind of shot. Shadow jumping.

The Christmas lights were turned on in town tonight. Of course my rubbish camera phone will not pick the lights up properly. But I love them anyway. 

Watching waves today. There's nothing better.



**Anne** said...

I love your snippets post. Rubbish phone camera or not, your photos are gorgeous.
Have a lovely week,

Anne xx

Victoria said...

Love your photos. Thanks for sharing. x

Christina said...

Beautiful photos!