Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Finally Finished! :: Stash Busting Hex

 I finally have a FO to show you! The Stash Busting Hex is finally finally finished!

Started in Coventry and finished in Bournemouth. It took 5 months to complete, what seemed like a gazillion balls of white yarn and the need for me to drop my perfectionism and just go with it. (Ssssh I got the pattern completely wrong!)

However it's done and I love it. I wanted the colours to kind of radiate out from the yellow in the middle. I'm not sure I really got that effect because of the multi coloured centres. But it did use up all of my little pesky balls of stash though - which was the whole object of the stash buster! 

I must admit it's huge. Waaay bigger than I ever intended it to be. But with winter in full force here, it's coming in handy. Along with this....

I know! Another FO?! What's gotten into me! This is a garter knit scarf. Yes I've gone back to basics with the old knitting. I may have been a little over confident jumping straight in with DPN's and Noro. But this yarn is gorgeous - I believe it's called Twisted by King Cole (although I've lost the label) and it's kind of rainbow jewel tones twisted with brown. Which made the old garter stitch a little more interesting. Lovely.

Anyway I hope your January has been lovely so far - I can't believe we're almost into Feb already! I don't feel like I've recovered from Christmas yet!



**Anne** said...

WOW, your blanket is absolutely gorgeous and positively the best way to use up those little bits of yarn hanging around. Well done! :)
Anne xx

Nancy said...

OMG I LOVE it!!!! I never saw a hex shape blanket! The colors are awesome too.
I did one in various blues many years ago and it took forever to finish. I'm putting a hex in a hex shape on my list :)

The Girl said...

I am in awe, that blanket is amazing! Maybe a hex needs to be on my next to do list!

laydilyke said...

Wow, love the blanket. That's what I have to do, stash bust and make a blanket. Great work!

Gillian said...

Oh Terrie, you must be so proud of yourself!
Your Hex is STUNNING!!!!!