Monday, 16 August 2010

Here are a few of my favorite things...

Soooo the camera didn't get far, he was hiding behind my tea, coffee and sugar tins on the shelf. Tsk! I thought I'd use this 'after dinner, before bed' time to introduce you to some of my favorite things. First of all we have some lovely flowers - although the busy Lizzie's are looking a little worse for wear! I love the purpley hydrangea's mixed in with the pink that we have here.

And some raspberries ... Yum!

So in we come from the garden and looky here.....momiji dolls. Ahhhh aren't they just so cute? At 28 I probably shouldn't be getting so excited over dolls but I LOVE these.

May I introduce BFF, Yee-Ha!, Blanche and Party Girl...

Souki, Little Star and Silly Billy...

Mika, Mabel, Nani and Sonny..

Dancing Girl and last but not least ..

Laughing, Hurrah, Soul and Lucky.

I first came across these dolls in Borders before it shut down. I actually asked the young man behind the counter if I could buy the whole display cabinet there and then. He gave me a very odd look and replied no. Ahh well, I've been collecting them from the momiji shop whenever I have a few extra pennies ever since. Okay so we've had a whistle stop tour of my favorite things, avoiding the mess (although if you look closely you will see plenty of messiness behind the dolls!) and embracing my childish loves. However I do have one more piccy that I will leave you with, it's not pretty, or interesting but the items within are just, I guess. I will get the whole set of these lovelies one day even if it kills me!


MiA said...

Hi Terrie!
I agree with you - the momiji dolls are really adorable! I think my favourite amongst your pictures is the "Hurrah"

Have a nice day!

Attic24 said...

Hello my lovely...great little bloglett you have here, I feel right at home!!
I LOVE my wonky rainbow mug, it was a surprise xmas gift a few yrs ago from the littlies (with help from their daddy), so extra special. I have my morning coffee in it every day.

Your hooky WiP's look wonderful, I made the mistake of US dc's a LOT when I was first starting out, but your stripy blankie looks wonderful.

ok, must dash, my Little B shouting for me!
lots of love

Renee, Spear401 said...

Great photography! I'm jealous about your raspberries...

Don't worry about the mix-up in stitches, it's all good! Your colors are delightful and happy...


elaine said...

Oh the dolls! What a lovely collection - and you are never too old!! And your stripey teapot, mug, cruet set....oooooooh! That is so me too! I'm also feeling right at home :) I think I'll need to find some stripey goodness to brighten my kitchen!