Monday, 16 August 2010

Share time..

I have a confession to make. When I say lover of crochet, I should probably put 'attempts crochet' (!). I do love crochet, it's soooo therapeutic. However I have only really embraced this new found love in the past six months or so. These months have been sent getting to grips with stitches (or so I thought - more on this later). Only recently have I attempted a 'project'. So here are my two WIP's. First off though ignore the lawn that needs mowing and excuse the picture quality - My 'proper' camera has seemed to have gone walkabouts during the move. Okay so here we have a Ripple blanket I am making for my 11 year old son.

Now this is pretty plain for me, I'm wondering how to inject some 'teenager boyish colour' to it - suggestions welcome! I'm still not sure if I'm stitching the ripple right but ohhh I'm having some fun trying! I am loving climbing up and down these mini hills, although it requires a little more concentration than the other blanket I'm about to share with you....

Now that's more like it! I started this after moving into my current property, purely to get my colour fix. I wanted bold giddiness inducing stripes and that's what I got. However...remember me mentioning that perhaps I hadn't got to grip with all the stitches? Well this loveliness is an example because this (now don't you laugh) is supposed to be a vintage stripe blanket as seen on Bella Dia's blog. However me being a novice took double stitch to mean the UK's double stitch not a treble (which I think it should be?). But oh well, you live and learn. I am considering restarting it but I kind of like the thickness of it. I have family in Bournemouth and I can just imagine taking this baby down to picnic on the beach with or perhaps I'll drape it over the decrepit armchair that needs to be recovered in my bedroom. I haven't decided yet but I do know I like it.

Anyway I hope anyone who does stumble along my little blog enjoyed my little show and tell. I shall try and dig out my camera to share more pictures of things I love. I should probably take some pictures of the house as a 'before and after' whilst I make my stamp on it.

Have a wonderful Monday!



Val said...

Hi Terri, I am so glad to have found your NEW and happy blog! Don't be disheartened, we live in rented and I just think well things could be worse, much worse! Enjoy making it YOUR place, think of the things that you see in blogland and let your imagination take you on :0)
Your blanket is gorgeous, I do hope you do more "show and tells" - hope too that you pop in on my blog from time to time, I would like that very much.
I am glad you have set up home in Blog Land :0)
Have a good day,
Val xx

Terrie said...

Oh thank you so much Val, what a lovely comment. It really made me smile. I would love to pop over to your blog but when I try I get a message telling me I'm not allowed =[ Is your blog open to the public or a private one?

Thanks again xxxx

elaine said...

Don't lovely bright colours make the heart sing:) I also have trouble knitting 'boring' colours for others too. I dread the day someone wants something in shades of dull browns.....:) Ah yes, I have fallen foul of the US/UK crochet terminology too but it doesn't really matter if you like the drape and density of the stitch and your colours are stunning!

Not even a pin? what a mean landlord:( On the good side, bright textiles always look great against a magnolia background so you can make it work for you. I now have images of your room festooned with coloured fabrics, throws, cushions....:))