Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Inspiration Board

Good Morning my lovelies =]

Did you know that I am on tumblr? I use it to add images which inspire me. Not necessarily in a crafty way but in a 'grab life by the horns and run with it' way. Today we have an inspiration board using photo's taken from my tumblr. I find it very therapeutic putting these together. As you can see I am in a inspirational quote kind of mood today - perhaps as I have a heap of writing to do!

All credit given here

I have also sorted out my twitter account for those who like to tweet - hope to see you there!


Ms C @ HappyElastic said...

Are you on Pinterest? I love that for inspiration. Off to find you on Twitter!

Terrie said...

Yep I have a pininterest too - Can't remember my login name though!

Victoria said...

You are very computer capable. I am trying to twitter but can't get the twitter button on my blog! Must try harder!

Terrie said...

Ha! Victoria, It comes from years of fiddling and getting things wrong! Believe me I know nothing compared to some of the bloggers out there. I've emailed you with directions if you fancy one - hope they make sense! x

vmichelle said...

How fun! I love stuff like this. I'll have to check out your Tumblr.