Monday, 4 April 2011

Mother's Day

It was Mother's Day yesterday here in the UK. Being a mummy, I like Mother's Day. My own Mum came to stay for the weekend and my brother popped in too. So it was a family affair. Although we love each other fiercely, my family is scattered across the country so I don't see them as much as I would like. I do have a vague idea of moving down to the coast to be closer to my mum after I have finished university but as that's just a wispy little dream at the moment, day's like yesterday are special. We laughed, we ate, we caught up.

I woke up to three little munchkins sitting on the end of my bed waiting to give me my pressies (homemade flowers made from toilet roll (resourcefulness at its best!) from my eldest daughter, a contract stating that I now have my very own little butler (or slave as he put it!) from my son, and a little box full of beads from my youngest daughter. All homemade with love and dreamt up by their own imaginations. How perfect is that? My mum used to buy them cards and a present and just get them to sign it - but this year my gifts meant so much more. I am a lucky mummy.

My own present to my mum involved being creative too. I decided to make use of some Rico Creative Poems aran that I had planned to make a scarf with. The colours suit my mum down to the ground so there was a change of plan and I made this...

I'm not really sure what this pattern is called - some sort of granny? But it is easy peasy! I was hoping the colour changes in the yarn would coincide with the rounds. They didn't exactly but I still love it. I attached it to a square of purple fabric that I had for the backing and (ahem) attacked an old cardie  for some buttons! Unfortunately I only finished sewing the buttons on early Sunday morning so I had no time to take any decent photo's before wrapping it and giving it to my mum!

Perhaps I should have had my butler do it.

Anyway Mother's Day was good. I love the crazy ride that is motherhood.

On a side note- Thank you for the comments on my last post. I would like my blog to become a little more personal but I always cringe before hitting the publish button! Your words mean so so much to me though - Thank You x

ETA: You may have noticed that Creative Haven has gone social! I have put a nifty little twitter link up in the 'come and say hello to me' box. This is currently linked to my personal Twitter account - however -  I am likely to change it to a brand spanking new twitter account just for the purposes of craftiness and social networking (because quite frankly my boss follows my personal account so I very rarely update it!) I will let you know when it is live and you can come and join me! Please come and join me! I LOVE hearing from you all! 

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**Anne** said...

Hi Terrie, Happy Mothers Day to you for Sunday. It sounds like you had a lovely day filled with lovely family things and having your own mum to stay, how wonderful. Your kids sound wonderful, they have a lovely mummy, they are taking after her. :)
Have a gorgeous day,
Anne xx