Thursday, 3 February 2011


I love the word Blah. To me, Blah is a mixture of feeling... icky.... fed up...restricted and grabbing your hair and screaming as loud as your little lungs will allow. Today I have a case of the Blah's. Of course there has been no screaming but I do feel fed up. Restricted ....hell I feel confined. It's as if this house has wrapped itself around me like a cobra. This case of the Blah's is definitely not due to boredom. I have a to-do list as long as my long as both arms and perhaps a leg in fact. I have laundry, cooking cleaning, essay writing, reading and a bunch of creative goings on hanging around half finished. But my five year old self is stamping her feet, fingers in ears and singing 'I don't want to, I don't want to...lalalalalalalalala'

I neeeed to get out. But as I have to wait in for a delivery we have the next best thing....a trip down memory lane to last summer when we had a lot of fun visiting various sights here in the UK.

So without further ado, here are just a few.....

The Queens gaff. I've visited Buckingham Palace many times but have never managed to catch the changing of the guard as we did on this day. Needless to say the whole area was packed. My claim to fame is that my Granny and Grandad were invited to one of the Queens garden parties when i was younger. I still have photographs of my Grandad in his top hat!

Big Ben. Arguably England's most famous building. I was hugely excited to be showing my children Big Ben for the first time, their response? .....Meh. Let's go on the London Eye.....
Massively overrated if you ask me. It cost a fortune, the cue was massive and it was meltingly hot in one of those little pods. 

On the plus side we did have a birds eye view of Central London. Here is Buckingham Palace again ....

We took our first trip to Wales last year and I was totally amazed by it's beauty. Living in a city it's easy to forget all of that natural scrumminess surrounding us. Here we have the view from on top of the Sygun copper mines in Beddgelert, Wales.

Sunset on Black Rock Sands, Porthmadog, Wales. If you look carefully you can see the 13th Century  Criccieth Castle in the background here.


Next Caernarfon Castle, Prince Charles was invested here and it is also the focus of many ghost stories! We had a wonderful (if not tiring) time climbing up and down all of the turrets!

You will notice that I LOVE castles. On the 100 things to do before I die list I have 'visit all of the UK's castles.' Here we have the closest castle to me, Warwick Castle. Apparently Warwick castle was built in 1068 by William the Conqueror and of course it is haunted!

On this particularly visit to Warwick they had a Medieval day going on so we were entertained by jousting, a 'fool' and the almighty trebuchet, which you can just about see in the photo below.

Finally, just a stones throw away, Coventry Cathedral....well the ruins anyway! I moved to warwickshire 8/9 years ago out of pure circumstance. I had never even heard of Coventry Cathedral before this and i have got to admit I was blown away by it when I finally went to visit. I am not religious in the slightest but sitting in the Cathedral ruins you have a real sense of peace - ironic as the reason it became ruin's was the Coventry Blitz during the second World War.

Anyway I will leave you before I bore your socks off! I hope you have enjoyed our whistle stop tour of just a few of the sights we visited last summer. Now that we are on the right side of Christmas regarding the weather hopefully it won't be long before we can tick off a few more from my gigantic list!


**Anne** said...

Hi Terrie,
The blahs are down right annoying, annoying, annoying. However, I love the way you have chosen to cheer yourself up by revisiting fun times through photos and we get to share. :)
When I saw the photos of Warwick Castle I was squealing inside my head with excitement 'cos I've been there. I also love Big Ben, such an icon of London.
Take care,
Anne xx

Richard Rose said...

You couldn't bore my socks off, I was already barefoot. :)

bibbitybob said...

Your pictures are lovely. I'm ashamed to say that I don't spend enough time being a tourist in my own country, there are so many places I've never visited! x