Monday, 15 August 2011


Hengistbury Head at Sunset

Source: Morinaka_2010

...May was the last time I blogged?! Wow time really does fly doesn't it. I must admit that I have been a bit stuck on what to blog about as I still do not have a camera. I do like to show you what I am talking about and photographs like the one above just make me pine for a new camera even more!

 But the new camera has been put on hold for now because....

The camera fund has been transformed into the moving fund! Yes, we are moving! Not just 5 minutes up the road like last time but a whopping 158 miles away to Dorset! I am hugely excited. Dorset is a wonderfully beautiful part of the country and we shall be closer to my family. Which is the driving force behind the move. As much as I do not regret galloping off towards Coventry as a young mother, determined to prove her independence and superwomanship; I do miss my dear Mumzy.

So to the seaside it is! Which is where we are off to next week - to poke around little flats and tiny houses, because there is much downsizing to be had! The rent I pay here for a house wouldn't even cover a month in a one bedroom flat in Bournemouth. But as someone wise most likely once said ....smaller house, less housework ;) This fact does explain what I have been up to for the past couple of weeks though. Slowly working my way around the hidey-holes of my current house, chucking out anything that is going to take up precious space. Because I refuse to move with a truck full of junk again. No.No.No. Not going to happen. I learned the hard way last time - I'm still getting rid of stuff that should have vamoosed a long time ago.

However it is likely that my absence will continue for a wee while  longer here in blogland. Not only can I not take photographs of any craftiness which I may find time to partake in, I also can not guarantee my Internet connection during the move. Yes I am hyperventilating just thinking about NO Internet. But keep your fingers crossed for me wont you my lovelies, because I feel a fresh new adventure coming on.


manda's challenges :) said...

Aww fabulous news! Bournmouth is a little on the pricey side but i guess the whole of Dorset is, i know my rent is pretty steep compared to the Mids have fun my lovely, enjoy every minute, moving can be stressful just think of the sea and it won't seem soo bad hehe Take care Much love Amanda from Dorset hehe

**Anne** said...

Lovely to hear from you Terri. Good luck with the move and downsizing. Moving is always an upheaval so I hope everything goes smoothly for you and your family.
Anne xx