Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Darling Dorset


Well we are back from our lovely weekend away in Dorset and what a weekend it was! After a whopping 3 hours on the train we arrived early evening and headed straight for the beach, Where my son (the budding photographer) got snap happy arranging pebbles and admiring the sunset

After a good nights sleep and the most amazing breakfast we skipped down the the cliffs the next morning. Because there is something quite wonderful about seeing an empty beach.

Then disaster stuck. After a little pushing and shoving and a lot of 'It's my turn to take a picture!' I heard a crack and the littlies fell silent.


My beloved camera had become a casulty of child war. I must admit I am gutted. I am gutted that it'll cost me an arm and a leg to fix but I am more gutted that we saw so many beautiful sights and I only have pixely, scratchy photo's taken from my phone to show you from here.

But onwards and upwards (quite literally!) and we arrive at a little picturesque village called Worth Matravers. Now this place is a walkers heaven. Not really being a family of walkers we decide to take the shortest route and head off into the rolling hills, where the kids literally rolled down hills and ran up!

The adults took more of a leisurely stoll and we arrived at a little cove with sea caves. We also partook in a little rock pooling!

I don't actually think this was the destination of the walk but we're happy with our little discovery and head back. Heading back is mainly uphill. I truly believe my lungs might explode and my calves might just give up and I vow to get fit! However the folk of Worth Matravers are not silly, they know after a long walk through the most glorious surroundings the perfect ending is one of these!

So we sipped our drinks, looked out at the view and I am in heaven.

On our final day in Dorset we attended the Boscombe Mad Hatters Tea Party. Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite stories so I had high hopes. We were greeted by these guys on the high street

and were witness to quite a few other characters during our stay. There was a vintage fair, a circus workshop, live music by the pier and fire performers after dark. A very enjoyable day.

So all in all, minus the death of my camera, we really enjoyed our time in Dorset and hope to visit again very soon. But back to reality now and I have heaps to be getting on with.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekends!


Victoria said...

Glad you enjoyed your Dorset weekend. We had hoped to get to Boscombe to the Vintage Fair but had already arranged to help at an event. It has had great reviews. Your photos are lovely despite the demise of your lovely camera. Where did you stay? x

**Anne** said...

Your break in Dorset sounds wonderful and your photos are lovely. So sorry to hear about your camera, what a nuisance.
Anne xx

Pomona said...

Dorset is such a beautiful place - hope the camera repair is not too painful!

Pomona x

Hazel said...

Wow your trip looked wonderful. Wishing I was there. x