Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Yay! The sun is shining here in Warwickshire and the sun always make me smile. There's something about opening the curtains to blue sky that makes me want to be productive - to make the most of the day. So this is going to be a quickie, I just wanted to share my Spring Bunting with you.....

Some of the bunts look wonkey but it's the wind - not my knitting!

The pattern is from Alice at Crochet with Raymond - super super easy for my beginner knitting skills! The flowers are Lucy's Teeny Tiny flowers.

Also I just wanted to Thank you for the comments and advice on my last post. I have enrolled in project Muse and will keep you posted. I'm liking the first set of tasks ....which involves chocolate!

Right, I'm off to make use of my washing line for the first time this year!


Victoria said...

Enjoy .......... what energy the sun and blue sky gives ........ it can go on forever. x

Jacey said...

Yay the sun is out, I have got a whole line of weshing dried today, it smells lovely.
Your bunting is so pretty, I love the flowers. xx

**Anne** said...

Enjoy the sun Terrie and putting the washing on the line. I love your bunting and the flowers at the edges makes it so pretty. Have a wonderful day.
Anne xx

Penelope said...

Your bunting looks very pretty in the gorgeous spring sunshine xox

Butterfly Bush Diaries said...

Warwickshire?! Crikey you aren't too far away from meself!!! Love your bunting and for me personally a bit of wonkiness makes it all the better!!! xx :) Never be afraid of your wonkiness lol!!!