Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Why Am I So Disorganised? - Sort Out Your StuffWhy Am I So Disorganised? - Sort Out Your Stuff by Marilyn Paul

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Just to let you know that I am on Goodreads if anyone else has a book obsession like me! I had no idea that you could update your blog with finished books/reviews until today, so I might give that a whirl. Don't worry, there won't be many of them - I find very little time to read for pleasure whilst uni is in session. I do miss picking up a good book and having the time to just loose myself in it. Not to say I don't read pretty much all's just that my life is full of cognitive development and other such psychology books. When I finally  finish uni the first thing I am going to do is hit the big pile of 'to-reads' I have gathering on my bookshelf!

I can't actually say this book was read for pleasure.....more like desperation! I kind of feel like I am at breaking point with regards to my organisation - I may joke about it but it really can be a problem! So the title of this book obviously appealed to me. Although I may have replaced 'stuff'' with another S word containing four letters! The book is motivated me for Ooooo.....a weekend! But it is written in a way you can just dive in and out of it, so it may be worth a re-read of the chapters that made sense to me. The author talks about habits a lot, which opened my eyes to the fact that I have an abundance of bad habits....leaving the washing until the last possible moment, keeping my bills shoved in drawers all around the house so that I can't find them, leaving my work out (because I'll only be coming back to it later!) but then coming back to it and feeling totally unmotivated because of the mess it's all in. I'm sure to all of you that don't need to 'Sort out your s**t stuff' this all sounds very mundane and silly....but to me it all builds up to the point where I really do despair.

I do feel like this book could have done with more 'practical' tips for people who like following instructions, like me! However on the motivational front it's worth a read.

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summerfete said...

Hi Terrie I need this book!!!
I am terrible and its not just the house, theres the garden, me, my life I could go on!!