Thursday, 5 August 2010

So we begin..

I have been toying with starting a blog for a while. I love reading other peoples blogs, I drool over pictures of craftiness and colour, I sigh at the loveliness of other peoples work spaces and homes. Then I turn around and look at the dreariness of my newly acquired rented property. Now I don't mind renting, my current financial situation requires it, but I do wish my landlord would allow me to adorn the walls with pictures and fill my home with colour. Sigh. Alas he will not, so I get my loveliness fix from reading the inspirational blogs of others.

However, just because I have to live with the bog standard magnolia walls and balancing mirrors precariously on bookshelves doesn't means I can't fill my home to the brim with creative yumminess. Right? So here I begin and whilst I'm snatching inspiration from the world wide web I thought I might as well dip my toes into the world of blogdom.


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vidertextil said...

good idea to start a blog !! have fun
Nice greetings from another scorpio