Friday, 11 November 2011

Goodbye 20's!

cupcake - blog
Yes I'm recycling last years photo!

It's that time of year again. I'm now no longer a 20-something, which is plain weird. As I've said before, I don't mind getting older and I do plan to grow old gracefully (well as graceful as I can be anyway!)....but I certainly don't feel older. I'm always waiting for that moment when I think 'Ah I'm an adult!' but it never comes and I guess I should be thankful for that in a way. Or horrified - depends which way you look at it.

Last year I posted about setting goals on my birthday for the following year...normally I set them, forget them and move on. This year I had written proof (via blog) of my goals a year ago. Shall we see how I did?

1. The annual lose weight/make an effort to become healthier   

 I have actually lost 2 stone (although I put on a lot of weight first!) I still have some more to lose though.

2. Graduate from uni

'nuff said.

3. Tackle my disorganisation/stick to a routine

Things are getting better regarding the routine. I'm still very disorganised though!

4. Finish a Crochet project (!)

Well I've yet to finish a blanket (although close with the stash buster!) but I have finished.....

5. Teach myself embroidery

Nope. Didn't do it - still hooked on crochet.

6. Give my mum her completed blanket!

African flower blanket

Again the mumzy's birthday blanket is not finished.

7. Make an item of clothing.

I made some mittens last year. Yup I'm counting it.

8. Get better at photography

A working camera would help! I also feel that this is kind of a subjective goal. I do like to quantify things. I should have worded it better.

9. Make something to give to charity/a good cause.

Noooo I can't believe I haven't done this yet!

10. Give blood.

Just in time - last Monday

11. Finish my daughters patchwork quilt.

The fabric I need to finish it is winging it's way tome as we speak (now that I've remembered it!)  - I can't believe another year has past without me finishing this for her! *smacked hand* 

I also didn't stick to the 365 photo challenge (which I still want to do!) soooo I make that 6/11. Gah! Do I class that as a fail?! Let's move on.......

So this years resolutions are going to have a sparkly new page all of their own, so they don't get lost waaaay down my posts list and I'll remember them before my birthday next year! I intended to update them as I went but due to intermittent blogging I must admit I forgot I had them down on here. Anyway I'll roll over some of the ones I didn't complete last year and add some new ones. Some of them I really need to do but most of them are little things to make me happy. So here we go.....

1. Find a new job (A necessity!)
2. Complete a walk in Worth Matravers (without feeling like I should be air-lifted home.)
3. Tackle my disorganisation (again.) 
4. Read at least 10 of my to-reads (List on the way) 
5. Embroider one thing.
6.Make something to give to a good cause.
7. Finish Patchwork quilt. 
8. Finish the Stash Buster
9. Walk more.
10. Knit ....something.

I do have a couple more private goals down on the list but I think ten fairly light hearted goals are enough for blogdom (especially as I forgot about them last year!)  

Right I am off to eat cake and be merry! Have a great weekend! xxx

ETA I just had the fright of my life when I posted this and the date came up as 10th November! I swear it is the 11th....I've checked! Naughty Blogger! x


Stocki said...

Happy Birthday! This is a great (but very brave idea)! I think you should definitely count this as a WIN.. 6/11 AND a lot of progress towards some of the other projects! Look at all those lovely things you made this year.. how lovely to have a photo record of them all.. I must do that myself. I'm a bit worried that your Mum's blanket isn't on the list... :/ :)x

Hazel said...

Happy Birthday Terrie!! Have fun. xx

**Anne** said...

Happy Birthday Terrie. I hope you have a fantastic birthday with lots of fun, laughter and celebrations.
FYI, I'm nearly 50 and can't believe it as I feel as young as ever in my head. There is no age barrier between me and my girls who are 21 and 18 which is so much fun as they don't mind hanging out with me. Not feeling your age is cool, you have much more fun that way!!! :)
Have a lovely weekend,
Anne xx

vmichelle said...

Congrats to you! And on so many little accomplishments too. I've found my 30s to be a fruitful, growth-filled time - I wish you that and lots of finished crochet projects!

The Girl said...

Excellent work on the goal setting - I did something similar at New Year, not sure if you've seen, I had my Not Really Resolutions (there's a page on my blog about them) and I've absolutely loved it, it's really focused me. Managed to complete almost all 10 although I'm pretty sure one of them isn't going to get done because I've just left it too late. Rats. But 9/10 isn't too bad is it?!