Monday, 10 October 2011

We did it!

I am coming to you from my rather cosy little flat in Bournemouth! It's been a monster few weeks, full of change, unpacking and a little (ahem) beach time. Everything seemed to move supersonic quick in the end and it was stressful.Very, very stressful. But we are here now and I must admit I like it. My first impressions of 'every day' Bournemouth is that it's rather arty and creative, everyone seems to have a positive attitude (that I've met!) and it all feels more relaxed compared to busy buzzy Coventry.


So even though the move was stressful, every day life since has taken on a more relaxed pace. The week we moved down here, England's late summer heat wave began! So as you can imagine, we've made good use of the beach. After living in the middle of the country for 10 years, the beach is quite a novelty to us! And what a gorgeous beach it is.

Our move also coincided with Bournemouth's art festival. Although we have by no means attended it all, we did pop in to bits and pieces.

Bournemouth light nights neon caravan

 This 'electronic rain forest' for want of a better word, was amazing. To my children's amusment, I was sooooo impressed! They had neon flashing lights at the top and sensor activated rain forset sounds. Okay so my description does not do them justice! We had lots of fun with these.

Bournemouth light nights neon caravan
Neon Caravan - Westbeach

The neon caravan. I have to admit ....I was expecting a caravan covered, top to bottom, in neon lights. It wasn't. However the ladies from the art's college down there were lovely!


  We also went Vampire hunting and sewing ghouls on Boscombe beach. I have no photo's from actually down on the beach as my phone died. However I was given a pretty little business card during our visit I can tell you exactly who the lovely lady organising it was - Jill Adams from Nursey Bang Bang . The kids really enjoyed being let loose with googly eyes and luminous paint and I would happily take them down to her workshop again.


 Finally, this is what I've been up to in between unpacking and hopping around Bournemouth. When I was packing I realised just how bad my little stash had become. Not only have I a bad case of WIPitous, I also have a million little balls of yarn that NEED to be used up. Yes they need to be used up otherwise they turn into a big tangled mess. I AM NOT starting anything else or buying any more yarn until this is finished! I have promised myself. So this is my one and only project at the minute and I am determined to finish it. There I've said it, now I just need to stick to it!

Anyway I hope you are all well....Now I am back online I have some serious blog hopping to do!



**Anne** said...

Hi Terrie,
I've MISSED you, so glad you are back online. Your blanket using up little balls of wool is fab, all those lovely vibrant colours.
Glad you are moved in and settled.
Anne xx

justclickyourheels 123 said...

Glad the move has gone well and you're enjoying being near the sea. You timed it so well for the heat wave! Love the stash busting blanket.

Victoria said...

Enjoy Bournemouth. A favourite place of mine. I have spent many many happy years there - now just down the road alongside the New Forest. And how lucky having wonderful weather to welcome you. x

Louise said...

Well done! It looks like you have moved to a fabulous place by the sea which you will love.