Thursday, 31 March 2011

Mandala Madness.

Well that break wasn't as long as I anticipated! Luckily I have a lovely mumzy who took pity on my too-ing and fro-ing trying to get some uni work done between my own mummy duties. So we are back online and if I am honest, I am relieved! It's amazing that so much of my life is online these days. My bills - emailed to me. Chatting to friends - various online sites. Finding out information on random stuff - google. Watching TV - Iplayer. Reading for uni...yes you get the point. I hadn't realised how much I rely on the Internet - something that I just didn't have 10 years ago! 

As I mentioned my Internet break wasn't really a bad thing.  Alice often talks about her  pot holder adorned kitchen wall and I have always wondered what it looks like. I have to admit that it is something which I have pined over for  a while. A wall adorned with potholders a la Emma Lamb. Yes. That will cheer up my cracked yucky yellow kitchen walls. Hey Landlord - I can't fill the cracks and perk up the paint? No worries I have a heap of home made goodness to cover the madness inducing pale yellow. 

 So I am on the hunt for decorative potholder patterns. Of course I started with Alice's Granny mandala because it is simple and effective.  I did go a  little mandala mad and made a big one to funk up my dining room table. I sooooooooooo love this pattern.

Spot my early mother's day flowers from my little princess? They are the best mothers day flowers because they last all year long. In the background you can also see my half finished cushion - a pressie for my own mumzy. More on that another day.

Ooooo it's so good to share! I do love blogging - I love other people stopping by and leaving me lovely comments and I love going blog hopping via new commenter's comments .....which is where I am off to now!

ETA: I just logged on to my pc and those photo's look shockingly bright! Have my lovelies been messing around with the monitor or are they blindingly bright to everyone?! 


Jane said...

Sweet flowers and I love your granny pot holders, I can see they could get addictive :)
Jane x x x x x x
ps the air raid shelters were in stockport, they were fab and not really that scarey:) :) :)

**Anne** said...

Oh gorgeous Terrie, I love those BRIGHT colours. Those flowers from your little girl are gorgeous too.
Anne xx

Terrie said...

Thank you ladies =] I need to stop making them now - I had actually bought the yarn for a blanket but these mandala's are so instantly gratifying I couldn't put them down! x

sylviesgarden said...

Fabulous potholders! A great idea for covering a not-so-nice wall.

fialka012 said...

❤ ❤ ❤