Thursday, 2 December 2010

Domestic Bliss......or Is It?

I have been striving to be a domestic goddess most of my adult life. I drool at other peoples homes, sigh at pictures of gorgeous rooms - not a vase out of place or dish in the sink. I often wonder how people achieve this perfection, because quite frankly I live in continuous disorganisation. In fact I'm not even a domestic demi-god. As we speak, I have dishes in my sink, washing waiting to be put away, a whole heap of yarn surrounding the sofa. In my wardrobe you wouldn't find a single thing ironed. I seem to bumble through life thinking 'today I will get everything sorted' ...but 'today' never comes and I go to bed with dishes still in the sink, washing piled up, yarn around the sofa.  I have even tried books such as this (my mum laughed her socks off when she saw that I had actually bought this) and daily emails from here. But after a day or two of trying their nifty tricks, normal disorganised programming resumes and I look around in despair, wondering how everyone else does it. It's not just housework either. I just seem incapable of keeping my responsibilities as an adult running smoothly. I just never got zapped by the 'I'm an adult now and just know how to keep my life in order' wand. That fairy missed me out big time.

So knowing this about me will help you understand why this post by Hyperbole and a Half made me laugh my dodgy crocheted socks off. That's me all written down in black and white with a few funky pictures thrown in for good measure. I've come to terms with the fact that I'll probably never tidy up before bed or have my bills filed and not shoved in the junk draw. I will still bow down to those of you that seem to skip through this grown up life malarkey with grace and still have time to whip up the most glorious crafty goodness. Myself? I seem to only have time for housework OR crafty time. Not both. Yes, it may be glorified playtime but  I choose craftiness. So perhaps I will never feel like a fully fledged adult (I'm sure there must be a group for people like me!) but I am interested in your organisational tips - how do you have the home running smoothly, have time for your children, perhaps work and indulge in hobbies as well?

Due to my total disorganisation I have lost the charger to my camera. So I have none of my own creations to share with you today I am afraid. However, what's a post without eye candy? So here is a mini mosaic with a few of the cushions I have been drooling over you feel a cushion coming on?

Speaking of cushions where do you get your round ones from? I can never seem to find any!

Have a glorious Thursday!


Ruth Marie said...

I for one don't understand why blogs have to paint this picture of domestic bliss - we are all human and of course there are a million and one things to do in our lives but when blogs give an image of "rose tinted loveliness" it kind of bugs me - almost like an element of fakeness if you get what I mean and I find it a little unfair and a bit dishonest that a lot of blogs do this - almost to make themselves look like they are better - why? Why can't people just tell it like it is? We are all human and I would much rather read a blog that is true to themselves than one that has that "rose tinted" feel about it. Don't let it get you down Terrie - I have washing and ironing that needs to get done and the bathroom needs cleaning - it'll happen..... at some point! :)

Victoria said...

Just go with the flow. Mind you I am mad and get up at an unearthly hour to fit everything in ..... embarrassing really! x

Renee, spear401 said...

Terrie, welcome to my world. I am 51, and still feel like the "grown-up" fairy missed me, much to the despair of my husband and son.

I guess I really just need to be ok with myself as I am. Makes blogging really hard, though!

We are just all right! Sounds like a song, LOL.


justclickyourheels 123 said...

Despite my best efforts, my house is the same - trust me!
I started buying my circular cushions from John Lewis but then found some super cheap ones from a shop called Dunelm Mill. They're only £2.99 and come in loads of sizes too! Hope you manage to get some.

Crochet with Raymond said...

ha ha Terrie we are all the same! I am lucky in that my partner likes things to be very tidy, so does 99% of the housework which I must admit, 99% of this is MY mess (she sometimes rubs that in too!) but if she wasn't around, the place would be a bit of a wreck... I think it is magnified when you have rugrats..... I agree with Ruth Marie... We all have a facade that we show to the rest of the blog world, and thats not a BAD thing, but we're not all happy skippy 100% of the time! it can be hard to be honest about the way our lives are on blogs but I think it's better to sometimes, otherwise we make everyone else think they're inadequate!!!
if we all posted some pics of our mess piles do you think that would make us feel better???!!! he he he he he he
OK, I hope my rant made sense.... be kind to yourself, you are human, we are too, and there is far too much fun to be had to waste too much time folding that washing and ironing! Go make another pot holder! Now!

PattieJ said...

I can totally relate!!I love to crochet and craft and my house is never "company ready" things are always a mess because I'm always enjoying some project that I'm working on instead of doing my housework!Sometimes if I read some of the home decorating blogs out there too much I start to feel bad because my house is never picture perfect and does not look like a pic from a magazine! I don't know how some of those Women do it!! I don't even work and I can't seem to get my house in order! LOL!!

Rett said...

I sometimes find myself falling into the trap of thinking that everyone else keeps a perfect house, when I know that it's all about very selective sharing when you're online!
I find that if I cultivate an artsy, eclectic look about the mess and clutter I'm happy to live with a certain amount of it. My theory is to distract the critics with piles of yarn, art materials, fairy lights, stacks of books and cds. Makes you look like you have so many better things to do than be tidy ;)
Thanks for featuring my cushion!