Thursday, 4 November 2010

Lookie Look Look!

Ohhhh it seems like I have been waiting for these two books forever! It has actually only been two days but I am terrible when I'm expecting a parcel. Curtain tweaking, postman stalking, continuously checking the porch.....!

I have to catch the bus from across the road to take my children to school and as we were standing there in the drizzle the postman pulled up, jumped out of his van and left my parcel in the porch - I'm sure he did it just to make me twitchy with excitement the whole way there and back. Anyway the housework has gone out the window, my uni books are sitting untouched (I'm sure if they could tut they would be tutting furiously!) and I have spent the morning browsing and drooling and browsing some more. Look!


Now all I need is some more fantastic coloured yarn. Can anyone recommend some good online shops? I do have a LYS but it tends to be full of neutral colours and I want something a little more 'wow' -  think Rett Grayson. However I did pick this up yesterday....

...and started making these from the fabulous pattern at The Royal Sisters. I have a vision of what I am going to do with them but I will keep it to myself for now. Give you a surprise if it all works out!

Right I'm sure I just heard a uni book sigh with disgust so I'm off to hit the books (noooooo not the crochet books, I promise!) Have a wonderful Thursday!

P.S I forgot to say - There is a wonderful new online magazine full of Crafty inspiration for the pending holidays here - I do have a button in my sidebar but it has no link in it yet!


Gillian said...

So much fun getting new books isn't it :D
I'm having a hoot with my 200 crochet blocks books, and the motifs book is next on my list, it looks brilliant!!!! Love that scrumptious yarn also :)

happy crochet x

Erin said...

Those books are very nice and those little they have sparkly stuff in them? They are gorgeous.

Hazel said...

I ordered those two at the same time as well! They are lovely books. I think I need a smaller hook with the Jan eaton ones though as my squares seem to be way too big and wavy. x

Marion said...

I wish you a happy Weekend with your new great Books!
Many Greetings,

nerospostandpatch said...

Hello! I'm happy for you getting so lovely books! And now waiting to see all the wonderful things you'll make!
Best wishes Teje

Lindsey said...

I have both of those books, they are great and I think you'll really enjoy them. Also, that yarn is so pretty, what on earth is it??