Monday, 22 November 2010

Chaos, a bowl and some stars.

Hello my lovelies. Things have been pretty chaotic here hence the lack of posts but I am still lurking in the background, reading posts, smiling at what you have all been up to. That's the wonderful thing about blogland isn't it? Even when crafty time is at a minimum and things are stressful you can still immerse yourself in creative goodness vicariously. Personally I have seen so many inspiring things over the past few days my mind is exploding with ideas but I just do not have enough hands to put them into practice.

Santa - I could really do with a clone machine for Christmas.

Anywhoo I did decide I really needed something to keep my Granny stars in as they are piling up fast. So I attempted a crochet bowl. Now this isn't my own design and I have been in two minds posting it as I can't find the pattern I worked from. However I shall continue hunting for it and will update to give credit as soon as I find it.

I shall have to make a bigger one as I have more Granny stars than space!

Speaking of Granny stars..... The lovely Michelle over at The Royal Sisters has featured my Granny-tastic stars picture on her blog! I am sooooooo giddy with excitement and if I am honest I am feeling pretty darn proud to be gracing the pages of such a wonderful blog. So pop over to The Royal Sisters to take a peek - you can also find the awesome pattern I used for the Granny stars over there and a link to the Flickr group with enough granny goodness to keep you satisfied for hours. Thank you Michelle!

Okay that's me for today, I am off to do some work for a change ;-)

Have a fabulous Monday!

Edit: Ha! Found it the bowl is the Filigree Bowl by Linda Permann - looking at the pictures on Raverly I should have used a bigger hook because the bowl was certainly supposed to be larger! Never mind, mine is diddy and cute!


Victoria said...

Gorgeous bowl and how exciting featuring on The Royal Sisters blog. Congratulations. x

Clara said...

Well done!

Annemarie's Blog said...

That bowl is gorgeous!!

**Anne** said...

I love your bowl. I didn't even know you could make a bowl from crochet. Sad, I know.
Have a good one,
Anne xx

" me " said...

I love your bowl !!!! What did you do to make sure it stays ' up ' ?

Crochet with Raymond said...

I saw your starts on Michelles blog and felt excitement for you!!!!
Lovely to see such a pretty picture of you as your profile shot! It's fab to see who we really are behind the craft!
Love your bowl too...

PaisleyJade said...

These are amazing - love love love!!!

hobbyzu said...

Gorgeous bowl! :-)

Linhas, lãs e afins... said...

Such a cute bowl!
And those bags I posted are really beautiful... Many of them are already in my faves on Flickr ^^

Krishana said...

I love the vivid color you used on these bowls! I am using a similar idea for my flower girls to carry in my wedding this July.

Das Bellas said...

hi, i lovei and all of your blog, now i am followig from Brasil ;))))