Thursday, 16 September 2010


Good Morning blogland, I hope you are all having a wonderful Thursday? I am currently at home nursing a poorly lovely. My daughter. You see our Thursday started like every other school day, me up at the crack of dawn dragging my son out of bed and scurrying him around in order to get him out the door on time to catch his bus. Then two blurry eyed daughters emerge from their room in the search for breakfast. Me, I'm tearing around the house looking for socks, shoes, bags, a hairbrush.....oh why am I not better organised!? But we are still on time, the girls are dressed, I will pass for dressed and the bus we get to the school hasn't whizzed past yet. We catch the bus, I allow my self a sigh of relief. The morning rush is over. Then I look at my eldest daughter. She looks pale. Sickly. Perhaps with a tint of green. Are you okay? I ask. Up look those beautiful green eyes and bleugh - last nights dinner reappeared all over my lap. So no school for her today! Instead she is wrapped up, sleeping soundly on the sofa. I do hope she feels better when she wakes up.

I on the other hand feel just dandy (for now!) and want to share some homely snippets with you. Nothing exciting or crafty but I have moaned about my house, now it's time to show you the bits I do like. Even if they currently look slightly shabby, worn, unloved. I can love them and bring them back to their former beauty. It's kind of a 'I can do something about this to-do list'. So here goes....

First we have my hallway floor tiles. I have been told they are original Edwardian tiles and oh my they need some love. But I do love them. After years and years of being stuck under a carpet they are slightly stained and need re grouting but I think they are worth it. I have been pointed in the direction of some supersonic tile cleaner which I plan to give a go when Missy is better and back at school. Fingers crossed it works!

Next we have my bathroom tiles. No, I don't have a tile fetish and yes, they do remind me of a tube station but I love these too. Not sure what era they come from but they are old and also need some love. The grouting (well the grouting that is left!) is a bit dingy looking, so I shall be doing something about that...

Next we have a poor tortured fire surround in my daughters room. Now why would anyone want to slap (and I mean slap!) a load of gloss on this beauty? It's so cute and dainty and under that horrible brown carpet are the most amazing green tiles. But the carpet has to stay so no scrummy green tiles for me get excited about. I do think this yummy fireplace needs pretty bunting though and that is my job to make it lovely.

Finally we have two trays that my beautiful friend gave me. After listening to me moan about the lack of pictures in my house (due to old landlords restrictions) she had the idea that these would be light enough to hang up with blue tack - so that's what I did and I am soooooo happy with them. I need more!

Anyway, I am going back to check on my little lovely. Thank you again to the wonderful ladies that have left comments for me. You really make me smile. It's just scrummy.


Carina said...

Poor love, hope she gets better soon!

Love the tiles.

The trays are such a good idea. I also got one of those cupcake ones and it is one of my favourites.

Have a good week.


Renee, spear401 said...

Bunting is good...instant color.

Hope no one else gets sick at your house!

Renee, spear401